Welcome to the Tuscola ISD Technical Support helpdesk ticket entry system.

Please provide as much detail when explaining your problem as possible.  Also be sure to use the pull down to select the appropriate building.  In your description include your room number, if there are multiple computers in the room specify which computer or other device has the issue, provide a detailed explanation of what the problem is and when the problem occurs.  For example:

-Room D3
-Student computer number 3
-Internet explorer crashes when using compass learning while logged in as user john smith, it does not crash for other users.

When you submit your ticket you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your ticket number.  You can update the ticket in the future by coming back to this web site and logging in with your e-mail address.  When your ticket is assigned to a technician you will receive an e-mail indicating such.  The technician may update the ticket with notes such as "ordered new hard drive, should arrive within a week", you will receive an e-mail if any updates are applied to the ticket by the technician.  Finally, you will receive an e-mail when your ticket is closed indicating that the technician believes that the problem is solved.

Please be aware that all tickets are assigned a priority based on several factors.  We will get to your ticket as quickly as we can with the limited staff that we have.  We appreciate your patience!

If you have what you believe to be an emergency please submit a ticket if you can and then call Jennifer Shelito at ext 30317 or Bob Frost at ext 30310 and explain the nature of the problem and the reason you believe it to be an emergency.

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